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6 jours desert de Gobi et Hongor Sands
Itinéraire (Ulaan Bataar - South Gobi - Bayanzag - Mts Gurvansaikhan - Hongor Sands - Mts Zöölön - Dungenee - Hongor Sands - Yol Valley - Hongor Sands (Hongoriyn Els) - Yol Valley - Ulaanbaatar )

Hongoriyn Els or the Hongor Sands is a giant sand dune in the South Gobi. This journey will bring us to both desert steppe and mountain areas of the Gobi. We will also be able to visit the famous Yol Valley, which actually is a ravine, which mostly is covered by permanent snow and ice. The Gurvansaikhan Mountains is an extension into the Gobi of the Altais. Here we may be able to spot Argali Sheep and likely sighting of Siberian Ibex. The Snow Leopard is certainly present, but this elusive animal is near to impossible to get to see. In the desert steppe we will probably be able to see Black-tailed Gazelles and Fox.

We will fly back and forward to Dalanzadgad airport or Bulagtai airstrip in the South Gobi, from where vehicles will be hired. This is a journey in relative comfort where we make use of the best ger camps available around this large national park. No camping is involved and provisions will be extended from the three different ger camps.

Circuit privé : Depart tous les jours depuis Dalanzadgad

Jour  1
South Gobi - Bayanzag (-/Déjeuner/Dîner)
Arrive Dalanzadgad airport in South Gobi (Ömnögobi), the least populated province in Mongolia. If you fly from Ulaanbaatar airport transfer is included from there. Drive west and check into a ger camp near Bayanzag. In the late afternoon, visit Bayanzag – the famous Flaming Cliffs – at sunset. This is where Roy Chapman Andrews, the famous explorer of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, unearthed the first fossilized dinosaur eggs ever found, in the early 1920s.

Jour  2
Bayanzag - Hongor Sands (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
A.m. Again visit the cliffs and walk for an hour on the top and below. Drive a while to the nearby Saksaul groves. After lunch we will continue for a half day drive 120km further west to the famous Hongor Sands, a giant sand dune stretching lengthwise some 180 km away into the distance. Sometimes it is just a couple of hundred meters wide, sometimes as wide as 7-20 km. We will check in at one of the three ger camps located here. These are basic camps, but with excellent locations.

Jour  3
Hongor Sands (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
Hongor Sands are high, with a small stream following the leeward side of the sand dune. Some herdsmen also live nearby. On a stretch of grass, which resembles a lawn, a kilometer or two separates the families. We will ramble into the dunes to a point where the sand reaches some hundred meters into the sky and then climb up for a superb view of the desert steppe. During our stay, we are also likely to come across herdsmen who breed camels and we will no doubt be invited into their gers. We will use their riding camels for a couple of hours and go for an extended ride along the Hongor Sands

Jour  4
Hongor Sands - Yol Valley area (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
Drive east for a full day across the Gurvansaikhan Mountains and the Gobi plains until the Yol Valley area. Overnight in gers.

Jour  5
Yol Valley (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
A full day excursion into the core of the Gurvansaikhan Mountains and the Yol Valley itself. We will explore this famous ravine, which sometimes has permanent ice and snow. Lammergeier nest here, and we are almost guaranteed to see them flying over the ravine. Another rare bird, the Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria) is also quite easy to see at close range. When the ice and snow are solid or completely thawed, it is possible to take a long hike through the entire length of the Yol Valley back to our ger camp.

Jour  6
To Ulaanbaatar (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
After breakfast drive to the airfield and catch your flight (1½hrs) back to the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar.
Transfer to your hotel.


CIRCUIT PRIVÉ (Par nombre de personnes. Prix par personne en chambre avec lits jumeaux / double)

Standard - - - - -
Validité : Nos tarifs sont valables du 1er mai 2016 au 30 septembre 2016 Contactez-nous pour toute information au sujet de ce circuit Réservez maintenant !
Leadership, breakfast every day, and all meals outside Ulaanbaatar. All overnights in gers. Hotels and all local transport. Transfers in Ulaanbaatar
Imported drinks, airport tax on departure from Ulaanbaatar (approx. USD 13 p.p. but as of 2005 no usually included in the airfare), laundry. The checked in luggage allowance is 15 kg, and above that overweight must be paid. Visa fee. Additional hotel night in Ulaanbaatar is USD 100 per double room per night, or USD 70 in single. This rate includes taxes and breakfast.
Note :
Price per person (2/6 members)

Group discounts available on request

April through October every day when there is a flight. Daily July and August.

Single ger supplement: USD 200.
Additional night at the ger camp: USD 100 per person, all meals included.
Supplement for Three Camels Lodge 1n: USD 180 per person.
Transport supplement by Japanese jeep: USD 360.

Flights tickets to Gobi per way : Please note the domestic flight is added to the price at face value of the air ticket. It is currently (2013) USD 190-210 each way. The luggage allowance (incl. hand luggage) is 20 kg, and above that overweight must be paid.
Note :
We have introduced a concept of practical and desirable ways of travel in Mongolia, which is the synergy of Western and Mongolian ideas brought about after many years experience of travel all across Mongolia.

Transport: This journey is supported by a jeep or minibus on the Gobi road tracks.

Staff : A Mongolian English speaking local guide will accompany the group at all times. Plus one driver.

Meals : Meals will be prepared as breakfasts and dinners in the best ger camps that there is in Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park. We pride ourselves in having cooks adapt with both western and Mongolian cooking on our trips. There are always vegetables available, and we have no problem accommodating vegetarians.

Overnights : The gers (yurts) are double occupancy throughout, however we can cater for triples as well. The gers are furnished with beds, stools and a table.
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