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3 jours parc national de Husthai
Itinéraire (Ulaan Bataar - Hustai National Park - Ulaan Bataar)

Hustai National Park is the site of a unique re-introduction scheme of Przewalskii’s horse (Equus przewalskii), by Mongolian’s called Takhi. It became extinct in the wild and have since 1992 been successfully re-introduced to Hustai from zoo’s around the world. It has been an international effort monitored to The Foundation for the Przewalskii Horse of the Netherlands and MACNE (Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and the Environment).
The national park is rolling steppe mountains with rather large patches of birch and aspen forests. There are also visible remains of neolithic graves. In addition Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) and Wolf (Canis lupus) have increased quite a bit during the last few years, as well as Mongolian gazelle. Species that are in Hustai but usually not seen are Lynx, Argali Sheep and Roe Deer.

Hustai National Park is located around Hustai (Birch) Mountain, north of the Tuul River some 2-3 hours drive west of Ulaanbaatar. You will be transferred by vehicle and when in Hustai there will be some shorter hikes supported by packhorse.

Circuit privé : Depart tous les jours depuis Ulaan Bataar

Jour  1
Ulaan Bataar - Hustai National Park (-/Déjeuner/Dîner)
A.m. Pick up at your hotel in Ulaanbaatar and drive southwesterly along the Tuul River and its riverine forest meadows. At Altanbulag village a statue of a Takhi have been raised in honor of the re-introduction of Takhi and the creation of Hustai National Park.

Two thirds of the national park is located on Altanbulag’s territory. The Dutch project has also assisted in setting up a cheese factory here, that is part of a community project to enhance the local economy. It sells high quality “Dutch Gouda cheese”. We will continue, crossing the Tuul River and drive into Hustai National Park through the Tariat Valley. We will make our way to the Hustai Ger Camp, operated by MACNE, on the northern borderline of the Hustai.

In the evening we will make a game drive with a high probability of seeing any of the free roaming herds of the Takhi. In the day time they usually stay high in the mountains and are rather difficult to see whereas very early and late in the day the usually come down the valleys for water. Overnight in gers.

Jour  2
Hustai National Park- Hustai trek (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
Today we will make a trek through the varied habitats of Hustai National Park. Starting out from the ger camp we will hike the ridges with views over the distant Moltsog Sands as well as the partly forested Hustai Mountains. We will trek up a gully and get to incredible look out points, while having a reasonable chance to see Red Deer, Black Vultures and other numerous raptor’s such as eagles and falcons.

We will reach the de-relict camp at Moilt, which consists of simple houses. These have recently been somewhat refurbished by MACNE to provide basic accommodation. It is located in an excellent spot next to the core area, and is well suited for wildlife viewing on foot in the late evening. Transfer back to camp by vehicle and overnight in gers.

Jour  3
Hustai National Park - Ulaan Bataar (Petit déjeuner/-/-)
A vehicle picks us up and we now drive through the steppe of the southern steppes towards the Tuul River. We will eventually reach the remarkable Neolithic graves of Öngut, of the 6th or 7th century A.D. We will thereafter make our way to the Tuul River and its willows for some birding. Red-footed falcons are relatively easy to see here. After a lunch at the ger camp we will return to Ulaanbaatar by the tarmac road.


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Validité : Nos tarifs sont valables du 1er mai 2016 au 30 septembre 2016 Contactez-nous pour toute information au sujet de ce circuit Réservez maintenant !
Leadership, all meals outside Ulaanbaatar. Two overnights. All local transport and transfers to/from Ulaanbaatar.
Imported drinks. Transfers and hotel nights in Ulaanbaatar.
Note :
Price per person (2/6 members)

Single Supplement : USD 40 per night.

Additional night at the camp: USD 100 including all meals.

Transport supplement by Japanese jeep: USD 180 per vehicle
Note :
We have introduced a concept of practical and desirable ways of travel in Mongolia, which is the synergy of Western and Mongolian ideas brought about after many years experience of travel all across Mongolia.

Transport : This journey is supported by a jeep or minibus to and from Hustai National Park, as well as packhorse to carry some of the necessities of the trek.

Staff : Mongolian English speaking local guide will accompany at all times.

Meals: The meals will be provided in the ger camp, or as picnics.

Overnights : The gers have 2-4 beds in each, and they are furnished with beds, stools and a table. WC and showers are in communal shower blocks.
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