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10 jours randonnee dans les montagnes Hentii
Itinéraire (Ulaanbaatar - Jalman Meadows - Hagiin Har Nuur - Hiydiyn Sardag & Höh Nuur - Jalman Meadows - Ulaanbaatar)

Hagiin Har Nuur (Hagiin Black Lake) is a remote lake located hidden in the interior deep forests of the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, in the Hentii wilderness northeast from Ulaanbaatar. It is Mongolia's only true wilderness in the sense that it is completely devoid of people and domestic animals. It is the realm of wolfs, moose, red deer, gazelle, wild boar, lynx, brown bear etc and we will not meet any people for most part of the journey.

The support structure for our expedition will be local herdsmen with their riding horses andpackhorses, that will carry tents, luggage's and equipment. We ride cross-terrain. We will camp in the wild. Our trailfinder is a local herdsman who spends the winters with his herd and family at Jalman Meadows, a 8-hour horseback ride short of Hagiin Har Nuur. Jalman Meadows Ger Camp is also located there, from where our expedition will start. It has double occupancy gers. A cook and interpreter will follow.

Circuit en groupe : Depart depuis Ulaanbaatar : HHN 01: 08-17Sep (Su/Tu)

Jour  1
Ulaanbaatar (-/-/Dîner)
Arrive by air to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight Bayangol Hotel (first class) or similar. Dinner and trip briefing in the evening.

Jour  2
Ulaanbaatar - Jalman Meadows (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
A.m. Depart by vehicle from your hotel in Ulaanbaatar for the 3-3,5 hours ride to Jalman Meadows Ger Camp (110km) in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. It is the continuation of Terelj National Park, consisting of the interior parts of the same. For an hour we will drive through a steppe valley that is summer pasture for numerous herdsmen and their cattle.

P.m. On arrival at the Jalman Meadows Ger Camp, meet the trailfinder and horsemen. Trial ride around the area and cross the Tuul river to enjoy the view over Jalman Meadows, rich in wildflowers and berries during the summer season, located just below the Jalman Mountain (2051 meters above sea level).

Jour  3
Jalman Meadows - Hagiin Har Nuur (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
Our route will be decided according to river levels and climatic conditions of the time. There are three different barely visible trails unknown to others but for the local people, that makes its way towards Hagiin Har Nuur.We will load the packhorses with the equipment, and set on the ride. There is a saddlebag for each rider. We will make our way further up the Tuul River Valley or the Zuun Bayan River Valley.

We will make our way into this fascinating area of rivers and small lakes via the Hongoriin and Hagiin River and set up a base camp by the lake. We will remain here for two nights. The area is rich in wildlife, although it is difficult to see it. The lake itself and the rivers are rich in fish such as Grayling, Lenok Trout and Taimen, that can grow to sizeable portions here.

Jour  4
Hagiin Har Nuur (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
Full day in this fascinating area of rivers and small lakes via the Hongoriin and Hagiin River. Ovenight

Jour  5
Hagiin Har Nuur - Hiydiyn Sardag & Höh Nuur (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
We will make a day ride, first in a northeasterly direction to the small and ruined Sardag Monastery. Built by Zanabazar, the first of the Mongol Bogdo Gegens (Living Buddha's like the Dalai Lama) in the 17th century. It was destroyed during the purges in the Stalinist 1930s.

Then to the northwest to Hoh Nuur (Blue Lake) which is considerably smaller than Hagiin Har Nuur. There are several small lakes connected to it. Return to the same campsite.

Jour  6
Hiydiyn Sardag & Höh Nuur - Jalman Meadows (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
We will now again load our packhorses and ride back for Jalman Meadows Ger Camp, via an alternative route. Equally nice nature of Siberian taiga lifezone

Jour  7
Jalman Meadows (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
on the way to Jalman Meadows. Arrive at the camp. overnight in Jalman Meadows.

Jour  8
Jalman Meadows (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
Day at leisure at Jalman Meadows Ger Camp. Hike in the area. Sleep in a real bed in relative comfort. This is a buffer day, just in case there are delays in the wilderness, potentially caused by rains and flooded streams.

Jour  9
Jalman Meadows - Ulaanbaatar. (Petit déjeuner/-/-)
A.m. Picked up by vehicle and drive 3 hrs back to Ulaanbaatar. Check in the hotel.

Jour 10
Ulaanbaatar. (Petit déjeuner/-/-)
Transfer to the airport and fly out. End of services after breakfast.


CIRCUIT EN GROUPE (Minimum 2 personnes. Prix par personne en chambre avec lits jumeaux / double)

Standard - -
Validité : Nos tarifs sont valables du 1er septembre 2016 au 30 septembre 2016 Contactez-nous pour toute information au sujet de ce circuit Réservez maintenant !
Leadership, breakfast every day, and all meals outside Ulaanbaatar. All overnights in ger (yurt) camp and tents. Camping equipment and all local transport
Imported drinks, laundry. Air or train tickets in and out of Mongolia. Visa fee.
Note :
( 2/ 6 members )

This ride may be requested at other times. Please note that July and August, which have more rain, may cause small streams in the area to flood such that they become rivers too dangerous to cross. While it is possible to undertake this dramatic horseback journey at this time, your plans should allow for several days delay, just in case.

Single room/ tent/ ger single supplement: USD 40 per night.
Supplement for night in Ulaan Bataar : USd 140 per single room, USD 174 / double room )
Private trip: 400 per person

DATES ex Ulaanbaatar: 2013
HHN 01: 08-17Sep (Su/Tu)
Note :
Equipment : During the daytime, sunny and warm weather is likely, however during the early morning hours it is equally likely having frost! You need to bring your own sleeping bag and good rainwear with you. Just in case bring therma wear and gloves. Please bring your own hard hat and short chaps.

Meals : Our cook will prepare the meals over open fire. We pride ourselves in having cooks adapt with both western and Mongolian cooking on our trips.

Clothing : Pls note this ride is down late in the season, due to the possible flooding of streams to rivers. Later, however, there is a slight chance of a sudden early snowfall, so pls take necessary warm clothes just in case.
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