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4 jours camp de Gers steppes de Gobi
Itinéraire (Ulaanbaatar - Near Gobi - Arburd Sands Ger Camp - Ulaanbaatar)

The northernmost and closest sand dune areas to Ulaanbaatar are located at Arburd Sands in Bayan-Onjuul soum. It is a striking area of many nomad's, steppes and sudden sands dunes. Some 35 km way are also the Zorgol Hairhan Uul, gigantic rock formations in the steppes. Habitat of Argali Sheep and some times also Siberian Ibex.

In all, the Arburd Sands area is a half day drive away from the capital and a natural Gobi escape. The area is in the transition zone of Gobi steppes and regular steppes.

Arburd Sands Ger Camp is owned and operated by a local family that regularly operates our Camel Treks and Gobi Steppe Rides. They are also famous horse trainers in the annual Naadam Games and their herd of horses is large and offers a good selection of horses for both the amateur and the competent rider.

Circuit en groupe : Depart tous les jours depuis Ulaanbaatar

Jour  1
Ulaanbaatar - Near Gobi - Arburd Sands Ger Camp (-/Déjeuner/Dîner)
Pick up and transfer to Arburd Sands Ger Camp in the near Gobi desert.

Transfers operated on Saturdays are subsidized and shared with staff. Transfer times are variable but usually departs 09-11.00 and returns after lunch. You can at all times order a private transfer at any time suitable to you. The entire drive from Ulaanbaatar to Arburd Sands with a 4WD vehicle is 3-4 hours. The drive south is over treeless steppes.

The camp has a maximum capacity of 20 guests' in double occupancy gers and vehicles are parked away from the camp.

The entire ger camp is fully collapsible, and it has a small wooden building for shower. The toilets are long drop style allowing for natural decomposition. Showers can be organized in the outdoors with hot water by portable showers and a shower tent that is provided.

All trash is separated. The camp can be relocated leaving no more impact on the area than a herdsman family would. Arburd Ger Camp is indeed a fully collapsible hotel.

Overnight at the camp.

Jour  2
Arburd Sands Ger Camp (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)

ACTIVITIES at the camp

Dayhikes: From the camp you can stray into the sands. Arburd Sands is in all 20km long and it is also a wolf hideout. Pugmarks of wolfs can usually be identified. You can order a picnic lunch from camp and make day hikes in any direction. Steppe areas are also fascinating ventures, since numerous herdsmen inhabit the area with their livestock. Included in the tour price.

Horse riding : Riding is exceptionally good here, since our host's in the area belong to one of the most famous horse trainer families of Mongolia. Hourly, half days and full day rides is organized with local horsemen. Picnic lunch can be provided from the camp. Serious riders are best advised to bring their own hard hat and short chaps. Full day rides should be pre ordered.

Camel Riding: Camels are available for optional rides in the dunes or out onto the steppe.

Jour  3
Arburd Sands Ger Camp (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/Dîner)
Breakfast. Activities at the camp. Overnight.

Jour  4
Near Gobi - Arburd Sands Ger Camp - Ulaanbaatar (Petit déjeuner/Déjeuner/-)
Breakfast. transfer to Ulaanbataar after Lunch


CIRCUIT EN GROUPE (Minimum 2 personnes. Prix par personne en chambre avec lits jumeaux / double)

Standard 399 US$ -
Validité : Nos tarifs sont valables du 1er mai 2016 au 30 septembre 2016 Contactez-nous pour toute information au sujet de ce circuit Réservez maintenant !
All meals outside Ulaanbaatar. All overnights in double occupancy ger. All meals including American breakfast. Transfers to and from any location or hotel in Ulaanbaatar proper on a Saturday.
Laundry, imported drinks. Additional day including all meals and taxes.
Note :
Single Supplement: USD 40 per night
Additional night: USD 125 per night
Rent of riding horse: USD 35 per day
Private Transfer Supplement: USD 80 per vehicle
Additional transfer supplement if Japanese Jeep is ordered: USD 130

. Children: 0-2 years free. 3-12 years 50%.
Transfer schedule: Daily approx mid May to end of September
from UB: 09:00
from camp: 14:00
Most guests staying at Jalman Meadows choose the above pricing options, which allows for flexibility on hikes, rides and floats which you then may plan and pay as you go. Just order the optionals with camp manager the day before. Minimum stay is two overnights which is USD 290, plus transfer supplement at least one of the ways.
You may transfer out and back to /from Ulaanbaatar on any day by paying transfer supplement for a private transfer.
You may also have private transfers both ways, a private guide and all activities included by paying a supplement of USD 125 per person per night, which is USD 750 per person for 4d/3n.
If you extend your stay in Mongolia to any of our other destinations it is also possible to pay a transfer supplement and drive directly between our camps, if they are within reach of one full day drive. It costs a bit more for drive, but saves on hotel expenses in Ulaanbaatar.
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